American Architectural Manufacturers Association.
The AAMA is an American trade organization that establishes voluntary standards for window, door, storefront, curtain wall, and skylight industries. [top]

The ratio of radiant energy absorbed to total incident radiant energy in a glazing system. [top]

Acrylic is a thermoplastic with good weather resistance, shatter resistance, and optical clarity, used for glazing. [top]

Active Leaf
The active leaf is usually the first operating leaf in a door having a pair of leaves; the leaf in which the latching or locking mechanism is installed. [top]

An addendum is a document that is added to a contract to amend it; or it is in addition to the main body of the contract. [top]

Elements considered adjustable are those that are accessible without major reconstruction of the window, door, or skylight to bring the parts of the product to a true or more effective relative position. [top]

Aerogel is a microporous, transparent silicate foam that is currently under development for potential use as a glazing cavity fill material, offering very high thermal performance. [top]

American Institute of Architects.
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional organization for architects in the United States. Located in Washington, D.C., the AIA offers education, government advocacy, community redevelopment, and public outreach activities to support the architecture profession and enhance its public image. [top]

Air Infiltration
Air Infiltration is the volume of air which flows through a closed window or door in a given length of time as a result of the difference in air pressure between the interior and exterior faces of the frame. [top]

Air space
Air space refers to the hermetically sealed space between lites of insulating glass. [top]

Air spacer
A component placed at the perimeter of an insulated glass unit to separate the two lites of glass. [top]

See Air Infiltration. [top]

Allowable Stress
The maximum unit stress permitted under working loads by codes and specifications. [top]

A composition of two or more metals fused together to obtain a desired property. [top]

Aluminium or PVC Backer
Aluminium or PVC Backer provides a base to put backer rod in and caulk against when coupler frames are butted up against the rough opening. [top]

Any device used to secure a building part or component to adjoining construction, or to a supporting member. [top]

Anchor Sleeve
See Seismic Stabilizing Bracket. [top]

Angle Brakeshape
The brakeshape utilized by a variable coupler corner that determines the angle and/or dimensions of the corner post. The angle brakeshape should be supplementary to the angle of the corner post required. (A window wall requiring a 112° corner would use a 68° brakeshape.) [top]

Annealing is the process of heating above the critical or re-crystallization temperature followed by controlling the cooling of metal, glass, or other materials to eliminate the effects of cold working (relieve internal stress). [top]

Anodic Coating
Anodic coating refers to the surface finish resulting from anodizing. Coatings may be produced with a clear, integral colour or an electrolytically deposited colour process. [top]

Anodizing is a method of coating, colouring and finishing aluminium that both protects the aluminium and improves its aesthetic. [top]

American National Standards Institute.
The American National Standards Institute is a clearing house organization for all types of standards and product specifications. [top]

Approved Compatible Sealant
A sealant recommended by the manufacturer that is guaranteed to be compatible (causing no adverse effects) with every material in close proximity to it for an indefinite period. [top]

Approved Shop Drawings
Starline's Shop Drawings that have been approved by the architect, an engineer representing Starline, the Contractor, and the Prime Consultant (architect). [top]

Arched Top
One of several terms used for a variety of window units with one or more curved frame members, often used over another window or door opening. Arched tops are also referred to as circle-heads, circle-tops, and round-tops. [top]

The architect is responsible for the overall design of the project and, as the Prime Consultant or Coordinating Registered Professional; the architect is also responsible for coordinating the activities of all other professionals that may be involved in the project. [top]

Architectural Drawing
The schematic of the building drawn and provided by the Architect to Starline Architectural Windows; the architectural drawings are the schematic that Window Shop Drawings are based off of. [top]

Argon is an inert, non-toxic gas that can be used in insulating glass to reduce heat transfer. [top]

American Society of Civil Engineers [top]

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers.
The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers is a national association that establishes standards for building energy performance. [top]

ASTM International
American Society for Testing and Materials.
The American Society for Testing and Materials is a trade association that establishes material standards (including glass) and test methods. It has also produced a window installation standard. [top]

The inactive divider between the two door leaves of a double door. Door leaves can be either active, or inactive. [top]

A window with a top hinged sash that swings outward at the bottom. [top]